Introduction to Computational Media with p5.js

Unit 6 Objects


This unit introduces students to Objects, and their use in combination with Arrays. These are key programming concepts for students to start creating more complex projects. For the final project students create emoji objects that know how to move and draw themselves, and then create many instances of them.

Big Ideas

  • Object Oriented Programming: shaping programs be nearer human thought and language than computer language
  • Creating and maintaining a model of the world for the purposes of our programs

Enduring Understandings

  • Understand the basics of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Understand the idea of an object: an abstraction of an entity
  • Understand arrays
  • Understand how to combine arrays, objects, and loops


Define and use objects
Understand how to identify data and functions that can be grouped into an object and create it
Define and use arrays
Understand the purpose of arrays and apply them to a drawing
Create arrays of objects

Learning Activities

Draw one, two, three, and then an array of floating bubbles
Create Bubble literal objects, a Constructor function, and arrays of objects.
Add, delete, and click on bubbles
Detect intersections between the bubbles.

Final Project Prompt

Create an Emoji object that knows how to draw itself and move. Then create many of them, each with its own image

Level 1
load emoji images from an existing set

Level 2
create your own emoji language, and import the images

Level 3
create your own emoji language, that is drawn with code

Final Project Examples

Final Project Inspiration